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Connecting Sellers and Buyers

Voted one of the Best Realtors in Milpitas

Masters Diamond Award — Winner Circle

Top Multi-Million Dollar Executive Producer

Flavor is well known in the Bay Area community for being a top quality realtor in her marketing strategies to get your home sold at top dollar.


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C. Flavor Dyer


Whether rich or poor in America, you can take six little steps which can help you buy your first home! You can get this information at no cost and no obligation from Sold Sister. She has a reputation of being a real go getter in real estate. C. Flavor Dyer has earned an unsurpassed reputation in negotiation skills and marketing strength.

Flavor has sold many, many millions in real estate. Her remarkable achievement is classified by innovative and dynamic client representation.

A happy client sent a note saying, “Flavor, God blesses those who give of themselves, may He reward you for being so kind and hardworking to help us sell our home!” Bobby and Mabel Williams.

As your neighborhood specialist in sales and marketing with up-to-date technology, Flavor reflects her enthusiastic attitude for selling properties in Silicon Valley, especially in Milpitas and North Valley.

In 2001, Flavor became known as the “Sold Sister” of Milpitas. A star in the industry of real estate, “Sold Sister” C. Flavor Dyer was voted one of the best realtors. Most importantly, her clients became a vital part of her “Sold Sister’s” team. “Together we can achieve your goals.”

“I enjoy making things happen for others and solving their real estate problems. You can feel confident that after consultation and you follow our guidance, we will get the job done! Then you gain freedom to achieve the goals you deserve.”

As a buyer or seller, you want to be certain all conditions of the sale have been met before property and money change hands.

“After that a celebration party is in order. It’s good to celebrate with family and friends in whatever unique and special home you get.”

Flavor is a multimillion dollar home owner investor. This wasn’t always true of her. “Sold Sister” was once a homeless, poverty-stricken youth without a mother or father, passed from foster home to foster home. Drastically, Flavor was abandoned in Las Vegas at age 16, and she didn’t start school until age 7. However, she was determined to overcome her issues by hard work and dreaming. “I was born into poverty, but ‘I chose’ to better myself, because continuous effort — not strength or intelligence — is the key to unlocking our potential. I hitched/hiked to East Palo Alto, California. When I got here I had a choice between a crack house, church or school. I chose the last two. God’s people helped me to successfully grow into womanhood.

Flavor is also a family-oriented person. She has been married for 32 years and has been blessed with five children and a nephew and now two grandchildren. Her children attended Johns Hopkins University, UC Davis, UCLA, Independence High School, Escuela Popular and Eastside Christian Literacy School. She enjoys family activities more than anything.

Flavor is a woman of faith. “God’s fragrant love and kindness keeps me smiling”.

I get a lump in my throat when I talk about my God because he moved marvelously on my behalf. He embraced me in the valley of my lowest point.

Thank you Lord; I’m so grateful. I am so proud of my precious daddy, God. I have a passion to tell the world of my savior’s great love! God can do what men can’t, so trust him. He made me a winner.

“When I was homeless, God protected me and gave me a circle of love from those I met in my journeys! I am so grateful! Now I’m an advocate for the homeless. They are my champions at heart.”

Finally Flavor says, “Dream! Dreams are what push you to the next step to take action. Talk is ok but it is in the doing that makes things happen. Now that I shook hands with the billionaire Bill Gates, I dream of becoming the first ex-homeless billionaire. Flavor can give you a free home real estate checkup. Do you have questions and need info about your real estate? Your answer is just a phone call away. You are warmly invited to visit or call “Sold Sister” for an appointment to find out what next steps to take to buy or sell a home.

Finance is not the main battle in buying or selling a home; 80% of the battle is just you showing up for you! Do not limit yourself.

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them. Make your dreams come true. Call me. I got your back.”

Sales Executive since 1981, Winner Circle Award, B.A. Degree, Top Multi-Million Dollar Executive Producer, RMD, Notary

26 Years of Real Estate has made C. Flavor Dyer your legendary number one “Sold Sister.”

As a results-oriented professional, C. Flavor balances aggressive strategies, market knowledge and negotiating expertise with a high level of integrity to satisfy each client and customer.

During C. Flavor’s career as a real estate agent, she has closed transactions in many different market conditions including residential, commercial, multi-family and land sales. As your real estate agent, she will put her knowledge and experience to work for you.

C. Flavor believes in constant communication and protecting your best interests throughout all phases of your real estate transaction.

C. Flavor will help you define your goals and requirements, and then design a plan to quickly and effectively reach those goals.

C. Flavor’s honest approach and effective methods have established her credibility in the market place and can be a valuable resource to you.

As your real estate agent, C. Flavor can access valuable resources and gather the information you need. C. Flavor is prepared to respond to any situation that arises. Her thorough research save time and helps ensure a smooth transaction.

If superior representation with a caring touch is what you expect when buying or selling real estate, you can count on C. Flavor to be a real estate professional with exceptional service and dedication to her clients.

C. Flavor will provide you with the highest levels of service available in the real estate industry today — sound advice, reliable follow through and attention to detail.

C. Flavor’s strengths include: establishing individual needs, marketing and showing properties, negotiating and closing sales.

Flavor is a Master Associate, one of the top level for an agent with WLG. Being an RMD allows her to sell real estate and field train new realtors to become successful. If you are interested in earning money while you learn in real estate or loans, Flavor will guide you to become a winner. “It’s exciting helping new agents who lack experience,” states Flavor.

Flavor balances aggressive strategies, market knowledge and negotiating expertise with a high level of integrity to satisfy each client and customer.

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